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The Kerry Babies Case - The Full Story (30 May 1985)

The Kerry Babies Case - The Full Story (30 May 1985)


  • Kerry Babies - After all the confusion, innuendo and rhetoric of the 77 day Tribunal we publish a gripping and comprehensive account of the entire case. This book-length study of the evidence clears away the smokescreen and focuses on the central question: why did the Hayes family sign confessions to a murder which the forensic evidence says they did not commit?

    The Rip Off Joint, by Fergal Keane - Most of the taxpayers who pay for Trinity College Dublin cannot afford to go there. The college authorities make little effort to rectify this situation.

    Making Waves - Edgar Denison looks at the recent performances of some of the hopefuls for the Irish Admirals' Cup team.

    Magill Diary, Beyond The Pale. Motoring, Wigmore; Cinema, Theatre, Rock, Television

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Diary - 30 May 1985 - Sinn Fein, ICI, Charles Haughey, Dail Committies
Modest Input

SINN FEIN LAUNCHED ITS campaign for the local elecctions at a press conference in Dublin on 22 May attended by Gerry Adams MP, Danny Morrison, member of the Northern Assembly, and 16 candidates from the Dublin area....


Trinity College Dublin - The rip-off joint
Trinity College is situated bang in the centre of one of the most deprived parts of the country. Last year it received almost £20m in governnment grants. A further £ 14m in taxpayers' money has been paid in capiital grants over the last decade but as far as the residents of Dublin's inner city are concerned, the millions might as well be invested in another planet. Less than 2% of their children will ever go to Trinity....

The Kerry Babies Case: An analysis of Mr Justice Lynch's report
1. The Killing
THE BABY WAS MALE. HE LIVED FOR MAYBE twenty-four hours. After he was born someone cut the umbilical cord flush with his stomach. In a professional delivery at least a couple of inches of cord are left in case there is some problem and the baby has to be fed through the cord. This was a delivery without professional help....


Reviews - 30 May 1985
The fortnight's review of cinema, theatre, art, music, television, radio, books...

Making Waves
Edgar Denison on the contenders for the Irish Admirals' Cup Team ...

Wigmore 30 May 1985 - Bruce Arnold, RUC and Garda, Sue Reid, Ann O'Sullivan
WHOOPS, HOLLERS and rousing choruses of "The Boys of the Old Brigade" heard in the vicinity of Downey's Pub in Ballyfermot last Monday week did not, after all, emanate from local Sinn Feiners celebrating the party's showing in the North's local elections. The cause of the Republican joy was much closer to home.


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